The Road Goes On

"There's some good in this world-- and it's worth fighting for"

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By Freewind Castle

"How the gentle wind,
Beckons through the leaves,
As autumn colors fall."

"The earth speaks to all of us, and if we listen, we can understand."

babushka asked:

hey can i request a moodboard for wlw pirates\mermaids?

comin right up!!

BTW i dont mind doing moodboard requests! not sure if i'd get any or if i can always do them but i figured i'd mention it since it's something i like doing :)

the "monster boyfriend" trope is SUCH a good one but not because i want to have a big monster bf,,, i want to BE the big monster boyfriend... u ever just want to carry around a cute human bf with gentle claws..................

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landscape for my merfolk AU